Saturday, May 29, 2010

Golden Grey Magic....

An early start was rewarded yesterday with blue skies and flat calm water within the harbour.... just the conditions that turn the golden grey on. Although, I was heading out in hope rather than certainty as my last two outings were fruitless. Today my luck was in. I could see plenty of activity on the surface, but that could have been normal mullet. However, as I cast my float rig baited with ragworm over the side, my expectations were heightened.

Within minutes my float shot under the surface and I had a fish on. The fight, though, wasn't as aggressive as a mullet's and I instinctively knew I had another species on. Shortly later I was netting a baby bass of 33cm. These certainly weren't the target species, especially as there is currently a ban against bass fishing in place upto and including the 15th of June. I quickly returned him and got back fishing. The next two casts resulted in yet two more bass. Bloody hell, I'm going to get in trouble here if I don't watch it! I decided to put a bit of bling on. This most likely would put off the bass, but golden greys are a bit partial to this. Besides I could see plenty of fish jumping clear of the surface and they most definitely weren't bass. My persistance was rewarded as when my float zinged off the next time I knew I had a different fish...and so it was, my first golden grey of the year. These are feisty buggers when they are hooked and I even knew before I saw him that he was a golden grey. Sure enough, as he came into view, that distinct golden spot on its cheek was instantly recognisable. Fabulous!

I was lucky enough to catch another but did catch a few 'normal' mullet in between. I have a sneaking suspicion that these are actually thin-lipped mullet rather than thick lipped mullet. I'll have to refer to the 'experts.' All in all it was a great morning's fishing. I'll have to get out again shortly and give it another go before I revert to the bass fishing with a vengence!

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