Friday, April 22, 2011

April Light Lines Competition....

Well the last of this season's light line competitions got underway last Sunday, 17th April, and once again, as has been the case with all the comps in the series, we were blessed with great weather. In fact by the time we got back in many were sporting a nice shade of lobster pink, such was the strength of the sun.

There was a great turn out with 17 anglers competing. We all boarded the John Boy and Noamh Cartha early in the morning and opted once more to fish the prolific grounds of 'Deep Hole' between the Forts. By 9:30 both boats were at anchor. We were fishing big tides and, boy, was the tide run strong at the start! With 10oz leads it was even a struggle to hold bottom. However, as the tide slackened a steady stream of fish came onboard. The usual species showed in number; codling, whiting, dabs, etc.,... A surprising number of doggies showed. This was a welcome surprise as in previous competitions these have been noted for their absence. One or two mackeral also showed as was the case in the March comp.

From the oft, Cobh SAC vice-chairman, Danny Kane, piled the pressure on and seemed to put himself in an unasailable lead. However, he put himself under pressure and was soon reeled in, if you pardon the pun, by some of the Club's more seasoned anglers....upstart!!! By the end of the day a total of 759 fish had been landed; this made it an average of 45 fish per angler. The species count was 415 whiting, 126 poor cod, 93 cod, 73 dab, 48 doggies, a coalfish, a pouting, a flounder, and a scorpion fish.

Soon enough we were back in and retiring to Tradewinds Restaurant for much needed refreshments. After being well watered and well fed it was time to give out the prizes. Vice-chair, Danny Kane, got proceedings underway and presented first prize to Anthony Austin, of Crosshaven SAC, who had 87 fish for a total of 1,216 points. Second was club treasurer, Pat O' Shea, with 60 fish for 889 points, and third was Martin Perryman with 63 fish for 888 points. Wow, one point between second and third!!!

Well done to our latest club member, Evan McGovern, who came in a creditable 5th place. Club treasurer, Pat O' Shea, also had the most species of fish with 7 species.

As these comps have proven so popular, vice-chair, Danny Kane, announced that a summer evening series will be run. These comps will be run from 6pm to 10pm in the evenings in June, July, and August. Watch this space for these dates and more details!!!