Monday, May 24, 2010

Danny can catch them....

Well here is proof in the pudding that Danny can catch them. Next time make sure it is fish you catch Danny. Joking aside Danny, Sandra, and Pete Davis headed out for a spot of fishing on the last day in April. They borrowed a boat from the Bellavista fleet and, as Pete is a journalist from Irish Angler, Kevin gave them the Irish Angler boat to try out. This is a new addition to Kevin's fleet after Kevin successfully convinced the IA team's that it would be better off having the boat operate out of Cork Harbour for the season rather than lying idle elsewhere. Well done Kevin.

Once Danny became aware of the availability of this boat he had Kevin badgered to give him a shot with it. Poor Kevin finally relented and handed over the keys of the Warrior 170. Having collected his crew Danny was soon putting the boat through its paces. Danny reports back that she is a fine vessel and the fishing was very comfortable with the three of them in it. As for the fishing....well that's a different story.
Well actually it wasn't too bad. Danny had a fine seagul!!! He did have a few fish, though. They started off on the Daunt Rock, where they picked up some fine pollack. They then worked the ground between the Daunt Buoy and the Cork Buoy where they had a mixed bag of codling, small ling, ballan and cuckoo wrasse, whiting and more pollack. For the afternoon they headed into the Harbour Mouth where they picked some more codling, with some fine fish around 4lbs coming aboard. Here's Sandra with a fine ballan wrasse around the 4lb mark. All in all they had a good day's fishing. Danny is itching to get the IA boat again soon, so Kevin be warned!

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